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Product Information:

The Giant Red Connect 4 Game Rental is a 4 in a row or 4 in line game that is perfect for any family get-together, school event or kids birthday party. At nearly 4 ft wide by 4 ft tall, this game is a fun, giant version of the classic game, "Connect 4". This over-sized ring-drop game can be played indoors or outdoors and is non-flammable.


Giant Red Connect 4 Instructions (PDF Download)

Players: 2 players or teams. If played with teams, teammates alternate turns.

Recommended Ages: 3+. Adult supervision required.

Object: To be the first player to get 4 of your rings in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Setup: The game board will be set up for you on delivery. The rings will be stacked in the built-in ring holders, ready for you to use. Each player or team should stand with the game board between them.

How to Start: Each player or team chooses a color of rings they will play. Then, decide which player should go first. You may want to flip a coin to make this decision. The first player begins by dropping their ring into one of the columns through the top of the game board.

How to Play: The two players then alternate turns dropping one of their rings at a time into any unfilled column until one of them gets 4 rings in a row - either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. That player wins the game! If the rings are all used up before either player gets 4 in a row, then the game is a draw and the players can play again to determine a winner.

How to Reset: Pull out the red plastic release bar at the bottom of the game board and all the rings will fall to the ground. Collect them and return them to the built-in ring holders to start a new round of fun!

WARNING! This game should only be used on a flat, even surface. Do not allow children to hang or climb on this game. Doing so may cause the game to tip over causing bodily harm or damage to property. If you need to moved the assembled game, the game must be lifted by 2 people (one on each side).


Game Board Dimensions: 48"L x 22.4"W x 46"H
Ring Dimensions: 5.25"L x 5.25"W x 1.5"H
Weight:  35.25 lbs
Materials: Heavy Duty Plastic

What's Included:  The Giant Red Connect 4 Game Rental includes the red, plastic oversized game board grid, 21 green plastic rings and 21 yellow plastic rings.

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